YURUN has focused on aluminum extrusion, aluminum precision processing , aluminum extrusion machining, and aluminum surface treatment over 16 years, with rich experience in cooperating with fortune 500 enterprises, state-owned enterprises and military factories. 

And Yurun owns first-class producing workshop and producing equipment:

  •  2 professional production of solar energy frame workshop
  •  1 workshop is founded to custom extrusion aluminum
  •  13 advanced machines for aluminum extrusions
  •  Several professional aluminum alloy precision processing equipment, including                      CNC machining center, bending machine, stamping machine
  •  Anodizing equipment, electrolytic oxidation equipment for surface treatment,                    conductive oxidation workshop, we can do surface polishing, wire drawing and      sandblasting.


aluminum machining factory
high precision aluminum machining factory
Mechanical Aluminum Machining Company

Aluminum CNC Machining & Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Auto Aluminum Machining Company

Our products are used in aerospace, industrial automation equipment,medical equipment,building, electronic product,new energy vehicles,rail transit 

Our advantage: to provide customers with aluminum extrusion, aluminum  profile processing, aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum cnc machining parts, Aluminum surface treatment, oxidation one-stop professional supporting services.


Aluminum CNC Machining




    What is Aluminum CNC Machining?

    In the world of manufacturing and fabrication, CNC machining has revolutionized the way we produce intricate and precise parts.

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    Articles 2023/09/12
    Anodic Oxidation: Enhancing the Durability and Aesthetic Appeal of Metal Surfaces

    Metal surfaces play a vital role in various industries, ranging from automotive and aerospace to construction and electronics. However, these surfaces are often subjected to harsh environmental conditions, corrosion, and wear, which can compromise their integrity and longevity.

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    Articles 2023/07/21
    Aluminum CNC Machining: Precision and Versatility in Metal Fabrication

    In today's world of advanced manufacturing, aluminum CNC machining has emerged as a pivotal process in metal fabrication. With its precision, versatility, and efficiency, CNC machining offers numerous benefits for industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to electronics and construction.

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    Articles 2023/07/18
    What is wire drawing?

    If consumers have a demand for aluminum products processing shortly, understanding various processing techniques can make consumers get twice the result with half the effort. So, what is wire drawing?Here is the outline:1. What is wire drawing?2. How to choose a wire drawing processor?3. What are th

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    Articles 2022/08/25

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