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CNC Machining of Super Bulk Aluminum

First: very cheap, no choice
The explanation is as follows: aluminum profile cost = spot price of aluminum ingot + processing fee of extruded aluminum profile + packaging material fee + freight.
CNC processing in industrial aluminum profile processing is a new processing technology. The main work is to prepare the processing program, that is, turn the original manual work into computer, but it still needs to have the experience of manual processing. CNC processing belongs to NC lathe processing, and the determination of processing route generally follows several principles:
1. First, ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece to be processed, and then shorten the processing route and reduce the time of empty travel, so as to improve the processing efficiency.
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There are three principles:

First: very cheap, no choice

The explanation is as follows: aluminum profile cost = spot price of aluminum ingot + processing fee of extruded aluminum profile + packaging material fee + freight.

These are very transparent. The cost of aluminum profiles is almost the same, which is significantly lower than the market price. The first possibility: less weight per meter; The second kind: aluminum ingot uses recycled waste aluminum; The third kind: enlarge the blanking loss (not sold according to the actual meters).

Second: suppliers who only know how to sell materials are not selected

The explanation is as follows: prepare some goods, recruit a few wiring ladies, and promote them on the Internet. These often hurt our buyers. Most of the wiring ladies don't know how to use it. They only know the unit price. How to use it to meet the needs of customers; How to make the best cost performance; Which connection mode is the best in different sites; They can't answer these accurately. Only know to recommend the cheapest profile and the cheapest connection method;

This connection method is the lowest cost, the most labor-intensive and the worst strength. The convenience of aluminum profile will not be reflected at all, and it will bring great trouble to the future transformation. But the wiring lady will be the main way to push.

Third: select aluminum profile suppliers focusing on production

The explanation is as follows: aluminum profile suppliers mainly engaged in production are generally engaged in this industry for more than 5 years. They are also users. They have rich practical experience, have a good understanding and mastery of product quality and performance, and will recommend products with good cost performance that meet the needs of customers and choose convenient and practical accessories.

Industrial aluminum profile has a wide range of applications and strong universality. It is famous for its environmental protection, convenient assembly and disassembly, time saving and long service life. There are many kinds and specifications of industrial aluminum profiles, which are suitable for various types of mechanical devices; No welding, convenient size adjustment and easy structure change; Strict dimensional tolerance requirements and high surface finish requirements; Convenient and fast assembly and high productivity; The surface is anodized, anti-corrosion, spray free, beautiful and generous, which can improve the added value of the product.

Applicable scope: production line, assembly line operation workbench, office partition, screen, industrial fence and various frames, display rack, shelf, mechanical dust seal cover, etc.


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