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Aluminum alloy seamless pipe aluminum alloy large oil pipe

Seamless tube is an aluminum tube processed by reverse extrusion, which has higher hardness and yield strength than forward extrusion aluminum tube
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After more than 20 years of development

Equipment resources of run aluminum products: 13 international advanced aluminum profile extruders, with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons; More complete aluminum profile precision processing equipment; More complete aluminum profile oxidation pretreatment equipment, including polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting and other equipment. Environmentally friendly anodizing production line. The total plant area is about 30000 square meters. It is a manufacturer integrating "aluminum profile extrusion, precision machining and surface treatment".

The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta with superior geographical location, leading science and technology and developed transportation in China.

Yurun aluminum products has served thousands of enterprises and is a long-term partner of many state-owned enterprises, multinational corporations and the world's top 500 companies.

Our fields include: automobile industry, aerospace, industrial automation, medical devices, home decoration, home appliance electronics and other industries.

Stainless steel seamless steel pipe is a long strip of steel with hollow section and no joints around it. Stainless steel seamless pipe

Features of stainless steel seamless pipe:

First, the thicker the wall thickness of the product, the more economical and practical it will be. The thinner the wall thickness, the higher its processing cost will be; Secondly, the process of the product determines its limited performance. Generally, the accuracy of seamless steel pipe is low: uneven wall thickness, low brightness on the inner and outer surface of the pipe, high sizing cost, and there are pockmarks and black spots on the inner and outer surface, which are not easy to remove; Third, its detection and shaping must be processed offline. Therefore, it embodies its advantages in high pressure, high strength and mechanical structure materials.

Types of stainless steel pipes:

The rolling methods include hot rolling, hot extrusion and cold drawing (rolling) of stainless steel pipes.

The aluminum tube formed by reverse extrusion is integrally formed. If the surface is hard oxidized, it will be more corrosion-resistant and durable, which greatly improves the service life of the aluminum tube


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