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custom Air conditioning aluminum pipe Precision aluminum tube Seamless aluminum tube

Advantages of aluminum pipe: first, advantages of welding technology: the welding technology of thin-walled copper aluminum pipe suitable for industrial production is known as a world-class problem and is the key technology of replacing copper with aluminum for connecting pipe of air conditioner.
Second, the advantage of service life: from the perspective of the inner wall of the aluminum pipe, since the refrigerant does not contain water, the inner wall of the copper aluminum connecting pipe will not be corroded.
Third, energy saving advantages: the lower the heat transfer efficiency of the connecting pipeline between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the more energy-saving, or the better the thermal insulation effect, the more power-saving.
Fourth, excellent bending performance, easy to install and move
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Equipment resources of Yurun aluminum products: 13 international advanced aluminum profile extruders, with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons; More complete aluminum profile precision processing equipment; More complete aluminum profile oxidation pretreatment equipment, including polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting and other equipment. Environmentally friendly anodizing production line. The total plant area is about 30000 square meters. It is a manufacturer integrating "aluminum profile extrusion, precision machining and surface treatment".

The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta with superior geographical location, leading science and technology and developed transportation in China.

Yurun aluminum products has served thousands of enterprises and is a long-term partner of many state-owned enterprises, multinational corporations and the world's top 500 companies.

Our fields include: automobile industry, aerospace, industrial automation, medical devices, home decoration, home appliance electronics and other industries.

Our advantages: we have focused on industrial aluminum profile processing for 16 years, providing customers with one-stop supporting services such as aluminum profile extrusion, processing and surface treatment, so as to save customers' worry, rest assured and inspire them to become the leading comprehensive aluminum product R & D manufacturer in the industry.

Aluminum tubes are mainly divided into the following types:

According to the shape, it is divided into square pipe, round pipe, patterned pipe, special-shaped pipe and universal aluminum pipe.

According to the extrusion method, it is divided into seamless aluminum pipe and ordinary extruded pipe

According to accuracy, it is divided into ordinary aluminum pipe and precision aluminum pipe. Precision aluminum pipe generally needs to be reprocessed after extrusion, such as cold drawing, fine drawing and rolling

By thickness: ordinary aluminum pipe and thin-wall aluminum pipe

Performance: corrosion resistance, light weight.

About product processing method:Deep drawing is the process of stamping, pulling ring or metal die to deform the plate metal material into cylinder or box shaped parts. Deep drawing is usually carried out on the anti wrinkle pressing plate of the double action press, which can effectively prevent the raised edge from wrinkling when it is pulled into the steel mold.

  1. Different materials have different tensile properties. The limit of drawing rate, that is, the ratio of blank diameter to stamping diameter.


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