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Aluminum alloy special-shaped square tube Custom aluminum square tube

It has excellent weldability, corrosion resistance and cold workability A promising alloy. It can be anodized and colored, or painted with enamel, which is suitable for building decoration materials. It contains a small amount of Cu, so its strength is higher than that of 6063, but its quenching sensitivity is also higher than that of 6063. Air quenching cannot be realized after extrusion. It needs to be re solution treated and quenched aging to obtain higher strength.
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  • 6063

  • Yurun

After more than 20 years of development

Equipment resources of run aluminum products: 13 international advanced aluminum profile extruders, with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons; More complete aluminum profile precision processing equipment; More complete aluminum profile oxidation pretreatment equipment, including polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting and other equipment. Environmentally friendly anodizing production line. The total plant area is about 30000 square meters. It is a manufacturer integrating "aluminum profile extrusion, precision machining and surface treatment".

The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta with superior geographical location, leading science and technology and developed transportation in China.

Yurun aluminum products has served thousands of enterprises and is a long-term partner of many state-owned enterprises, multinational corporations and the world's top 500 companies.

Our fields include: automobile industry, aerospace, industrial automation, medical devices, home decoration, home appliance electronics and other industries.

Industrial aluminum profiles are divided into open die profiles and conventional assembly line profiles. The size of extruder used for profiles of each specification is also different. Common extruders include 500t, 630t, 800t, 1000t, 1200t, 1800t, 2500t, 3000t, etc. the specification of extruder is calculated according to the extrusion force, and the tonnage represents the extrusion force. The extruder with larger extrusion tonnage can produce industrial aluminum profiles with larger section.

Generally, the extrusion ratio is calculated according to the section size of industrial aluminum profiles, the extrusion ratio is determined, and then the extruder of what specification is used is determined. The specific operation is determined according to the requirements of various aluminum profile manufacturers. If the extrusion ratio is higher than that for industrial aluminum profiles, the extruder with greater extrusion force needs to be replaced, while if there are no special requirements for strength, there is no need to increase the extruder specification, which is also considered from the practical demand and production cost.

The selection of extruder requires precise calculation. Aluminum profile manufacturers have special calculation formulas to calculate the extrusion coefficient, and select the main equipment for producing industrial aluminum profiles after considering the extrusion ratio. The selection of extruder determines the shape, size and appearance quality of aluminum profile. It is necessary to preliminarily select the type of extruder according to the type of industrial aluminum profile extruded, the annual production of single machine and the maximum outer circle diameter, taking into account the tonnage of the press.

1: Material selection of raw materials:

Industrial aluminum profile is a kind of industrial frame profile obtained by heating through aluminum bar and extrusion through die, while aluminum bar is formed by melting and casting through aluminum ingot, which is called industrial aluminum profile raw material; Raw materials will directly affect the performance of industrial aluminum products.

2: Aluminum bar heating:

The heating treatment of aluminum rod shall ensure the temperature control. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will directly affect the hardness of the final product, so the temperature must be strictly controlled during heating and cooling;

3: Mold design:

Industrial aluminum profile is the final product of aluminum bar extruded by die after heating, and the die is an instrument with high-precision specifications designed according to the demand to extrude profile products with required specifications and sections;

4: Industrial aluminum profile extrusion: extrusion temperature is the most basic and key process factor for extrusion production. The extrusion speed must be carefully controlled in the extrusion process.

5: Straightening correction of industrial aluminum profile:

There will be some deviation after extrusion of industrial aluminum profile. After forming, straightening correction shall be carried out by straightening machine. The industrial aluminum profile just extruded shall be corrected to the required tolerance range. Straightening correction must be completed by straightening machine to ensure its accuracy.

6: Artificial aging:

The aluminum profiles produced by extrusion have low hardness before aging and can not be used as finished products. Therefore, generally speaking, they must be aged to improve the strength.

7: Sand blasting + oxidation process:

After extrusion, the surface of industrial aluminum profile will have obvious stretch lines, and the surface pores are large and relatively rough, so it must be sandblasted


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