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High Quality Aluminum Alloy Hard Anodic Oxidation for Door

Seamless tube is an aluminum tube processed by reverse extrusion, which has higher hardness and yield strength than forward extrusion aluminum tube
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Product Description

Seamless stainless steel steel pipe consists of a long strip of steel with a hollow section and no joints.

Features of stainless steel seamless pipe

The wall thickness of the product is an important factor in determining its economic and practicality, with thinner walls having higher processing costs. Its performance is also determined by the production process, with seamless steel pipes typically having low accuracy, uneven wall thickness and pockmarks and black spots on the inner and outer surface that are difficult to remove. Detection and forming must be completed offline in order to maximise its advantages such as high pressure, strength and mechanical structure materials.

Types of stainless steel pipes

The rolling methods include hot rolling, hot extrusion and cold drawing (rolling) of stainless steel pipes.

Reverse extruded aluminum tubes are integrally formed, which makes them corrosion-resistant and durable. If the surface is hard oxidized, the tubes will last longer.


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