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High Precision Anodized Square Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum alloy building profile products have the advantages of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, good decoration, long service life, rich colors and so on. Usually, the surface of a good product will not lose light or change color within 20 years
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Product Description

For mechanical equipment, aluminum profiles are processed. Customers design the processing drawings according to their requirements. In accordance with the drawings, we process the parts through extrusion molding, machining and drilling, followed by anodizing and anticorrosion treatments on the surface.

The process of creating high precision anodized aluminum extrusions

The process of creating high precision anodized aluminum extrusions begins with a careful analysis of the desired final product. The team then creates a custom die, which is used to cut the aluminum to the precise specifications required. Once the aluminum has been cut, it is placed in an anodizing tank and carefully controlled electric current is passed through the metal. This process oxidizes the surface of the aluminum, creating a durable and corrosion-resistant finish. Finally, the aluminum is cut to length and packaged for shipping.

Applications for high precision anodized aluminum extrusions

There are a number of applications for high precision anodized aluminum extrusions. These include:

-Automotive parts
-Aerospace components
-Medical devices
-Optical devices
-Electronic devices

Each of these applications requires extrusions that meet strict dimensional tolerances and surface finish requirements. Anodized aluminum extrusions are ideal for these applications because they offer superior corrosion resistance and durability.


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