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Large aluminum alloy motor radiator shell electrical radiator box custom aluminum extrusion

The aluminum alloy radiator shell of the motor is formed by aluminum extrusion, then sawed to the required length, and finally anodized.
The appropriate extruder shall be selected for material fabrication according to the size of profile section and work difference requirements. The final anodizing treatment can be selected to formulate the film thickness and color
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After more than 20 years of development

Equipment resources of run aluminum products: 13 international advanced aluminum profile extruders, with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons; More complete aluminum profile precision processing equipment; More complete aluminum profile oxidation pretreatment equipment, including polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting and other equipment. Environmentally friendly anodizing production line. The total plant area is about 30000 square meters. It is a manufacturer integrating "aluminum profile extrusion, precision machining and surface treatment".

The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta with superior geographical location, leading science and technology and developed transportation in China.

Yurun aluminum products has served thousands of enterprises and is a long-term partner of many state-owned enterprises, multinational corporations and the world's top 500 companies.

Our fields include: automobile industry, aerospace, industrial automation, medical devices, home decoration, home appliance electronics and other industries.

Metal extrusion process is a high-quality, high-efficiency, low consumption and chip free processing process. It is more and more widely used in the manufacturing fields of automobile, machinery, light industry, aerospace, military industry, electrical appliances and so on. Metal extrusion technology, as an advanced manufacturing technology, has opened up a broad prospect for further research, popularization and application under the condition of rising raw material prices and increasingly fierce market competition. In a sense, the development of extrusion technology is an important symbol to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry and even industrial modernization. Therefore, metal extruder has a wide application prospect.

6005 extruded profiles and pipes are used for structural parts requiring strength higher than 6063 alloy, such as ladders, TV antennas, etc

6009 automobile body panel

6010 sheet: automobile body

6061 requires various industrial structures with certain strength, weldability and high corrosion resistance, such as pipes, rods, shapes and plates for manufacturing trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams, furniture, mechanical parts, precision machining, etc

6063 industrial profiles, building profiles, irrigation pipes and extruded materials for vehicles, stands, furniture, fences, etc


Extrusion is a means of profile forming. Firstly, the die is designed and manufactured according to the profile product section, and the heated round cast rod is extruded from the die by extruder. The common grade 6063 alloy also uses an air-cooled quenching process and subsequent artificial aging process during extrusion to complete heat treatment strengthening. Different grades of heat treatable strengthening alloys have different heat treatment systems.

Coloring (here we mainly talk about the oxidation process)

Oxidation: the surface corrosion resistance of extruded aluminum alloy profile is not strong, so the surface treatment must be carried out through anodic oxidation to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance beauty of aluminum.

The main processes are:

(1) Surface pretreatment: clean the profile surface by chemical or physical methods to expose the pure matrix, so as to obtain a complete and dense artificial oxide film. Mirror or matte (matte) surface can also be obtained by mechanical means.

(2) Anodizing: for the surface pretreated profile, under certain process conditions, the substrate surface will be anodized to form a dense, porous and strong adsorption Al2O3 film.

(3) Hole sealing: seal the pores of the porous oxide film generated after anodizing, so as to enhance the anti pollution, anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the oxide film. The oxide film is colorless and transparent. By using the strong adsorption of the oxide film before hole sealing, some metal salts are adsorbed and deposited in the film pores, which can make the appearance of the profile show its true color Many colors other than silver white, such as black, bronze, golden yellow and stainless steel.


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