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Why do you need conductive oxidation?

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Some consumers may not be very familiar with the multiple links and steps in the processing of aluminum products. Various types of oxidation processing methods have become very common processing methods for aluminum products. So, why do you need conductive oxidation?

Here is the outline:

1. What are the advantages of conductive oxidation?

2. Why do you need conductive oxidation?

3. How to conduct conductive oxidation?

What are the advantages of conductive oxidation?

1. The processing technology is mature. This type of oxidation is relatively simple compared to anodizing. Anodizing requires immersing an aluminum product in a chemical solvent and electrifying it. However, conductive oxidation does not require an energized link. Moreover, this type of oxidative processing has a long history. Most of the well-known processors in the market can perform this type of oxidative processing.

2. Processing is fast. The word efficiency is repeatedly mentioned in modern society. This oxidation method is simple to operate and has a wide range of applications. This can lead to a unique collaboration experience for consumers. Moreover, high-quality processors can also complete processing tasks efficiently and with high quality.

3. Can increase the performance of aluminum products.

Why do you need conductive oxidation?

1. Simple and efficient processing method. Through this processing operation, aluminum products that were originally weak in electrical conductivity have strong electrical conductivity. In the fields of automated processing, aerospace, medical and other fields, aluminum products with certain electrical conductivity can better meet the actual practical needs of consumers.

2. Improve the performance of aluminum profiles. The processed aluminum profiles have a certain improvement in friction resistance, pollution resistance, and corrosion resistance. Consumers can also choose to consult professional customer service for their actual needs so that consumers can find a more suitable aluminum profile processing method.

3. Extend the life of aluminum products. Those aluminum profiles that can maintain a long service life in industrial operations, in addition to being related to the correct way of use by consumers, can also be processed by aluminum product processors. Deep processing before the aluminum profile is officially put into production can further extend its service life.

How to conduct conductive oxidation?

1. Soak. The first step is to prepare a specific chemical solution, and then let the aluminum profile soak in the solution. After only ten seconds, a very thin film appeared on the surface of the aluminum profile. This layer of film can improve the anti-pollution ability of aluminum products.

2. Take resistance measurements. The processing steps of this type of oxidation process are relatively simple. After the processing is completed, an experienced processor will also perform a resistance measurement on the surface of the processed aluminum profile. To better verify the electrical conductivity of such aluminum products.

In conclusion, the conductive oxidation operation is simple and effective. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese company with many years of experience in aluminum product processing. The feedback from consumers is the driving force for our continuous progress.

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