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How to do anodic oxidation?

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While anodic oxidation is a job for professionals, the average consumer knows a few basics to give himself an edge in the trade. So, how should consumers do anodic oxidation?

Here is the outline:

1. How to do anodic oxidation?

2. Why Anodic oxidation?

3. What is the role of anodic oxidation?

How to do anodic oxidation?

1. Surface pretreatment. The main goal of this work is to remove debris from the surface of aluminum products so that the oxidation process can be completed in more detail. Professionals will clean the surface of aluminum products through various chemical and physical methods. In this way, the processor obtains a mirror or matt aluminum surface.

2. Anodic oxidation. The process of oxidation is not as mysterious as some consumers think. By setting a chemical reaction environment for the aluminum profile, an aluminum oxide film evenly appears on the surface of the aluminum profile. In this way, the whole aluminum product has a certain anti-pollution and anti-corrosion ability.

3. Seal the hole. The surface of the alumina film is loose and porous, therefore, the processing personnel also need to perform the final sealing step. In this way, the surface of the equipment has a stronger anti-pollution and anti-corrosion ability and also has strong wear resistance.

Why Anodic oxidation?

1. Extend product life. Most of these aluminum products are used in important fields such as industrial automation, aerospace, and medical care. Therefore, the service life of the product is the basic criterion for judging whether the product is a high-quality product.

2. Enhance the performance of aluminum products. The oxidized aluminum product has an aluminum oxide film that can better ensure the stable performance of the internal aluminum product. In this way, this type of aluminum product has stronger wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and it can also be used on a wider range of occasions.

3. Show the wisdom of consumers. This type of oxidation processing does not have a significant effect on aluminum products in the short term, but in the long run, it can maximize the performance of aluminum products.

What is the role of anodic oxidation?

1. Improve the quality of aluminum products. After unique oxidation treatment, the overall performance of aluminum products will be significantly enhanced. In this way, this type of aluminum product can be used more freely on various occasions without feeling that the performance is insufficient.

2. Improve consumer experience. For aluminum products, simple oxidation processing can greatly improve the consumer experience. Moreover, consumers can also customize the appropriate aluminum product processing technology according to their specific needs in use.

3. Improve consumer productivity. Finely processed aluminum products can bring consumers a unique experience. Moreover, customized aluminum products can also significantly improve the work efficiency of consumers.

In short, as long as consumers have needs, high-quality aluminum product processors can easily meet the needs of consumers. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise that has been producing and processing all kinds of aluminum products for many years. The love of consumers is our greatest happiness.

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