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What are the advantages of anodic oxidation?

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The easiest way for sensible consumers to prolong the life of aluminum products is to process the surface of aluminum products. However, there are many processing techniques for aluminum products, and it is often difficult for consumers to make a choice. Let’s talk about it today, what are the advantages of anodic oxidation?

Here is the outline:

1. Why Anodize?

2. What are the advantages of anodic oxidation?

3. How to do anodic oxidation?

Why Anodize?

1. Improve the anti-pollution ability of aluminum products. After oxidation, an aluminum oxide film will be formed on the surface of the aluminum profile. This layer of the film has the characteristics of dense, porous, and strong adsorption capacity. It can well resist pollutants in the external environment for aluminum profiles.

2. Improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum products. Processed aluminum products can better adapt to different external environments. Moreover, less corrosive gases or liquids can no longer pose any threat to finished aluminum products.

3. Improve the wear resistance of aluminum products. The use of aluminum products in daily work is bound to bring a rare user experience improvement. Therefore, finishing to improve the wear resistance of aluminum products is very necessary.

What are the advantages of anodic oxidation?

1. easy to use. Although to a layman, this step appears very professional. In fact, for processors with rich production and processing experience, the oxidation process here is almost without difficulty. Therefore, consumers can safely process customized aluminum products without worrying about unexpected processing failures.

2. Applicable to various situations. Whether hollow aluminum profiles, round aluminum profiles, or other uniquely shaped aluminum profiles can benefit from this type of oxidation process. Even, consumers can find other in-depth processing methods of aluminum products that are more suitable for specific industries by consulting customer service. For example, baking paint, electrolytic oxidation, electroplating gold, etc. are all good choices.

How to do anodic oxidation?

1. Find the right processor. This type of oxidation process requires the operator to control environmental variables. Therefore, only those processors with rich production and processing experience can provide satisfactory services to consumers.

2. Make a reasonable price budget. Consumers can directly go to the official website of the processor to obtain a specific quotation for this type of processing technology by consulting customer service. Consumers can then find products that are more satisfying to them by comparing their budgets.

3. Follow the process steps. A qualified oxidation step requires roughly three steps. The first is to pretreat and clean the surface of the product. Then the most critical oxidation operation is carried out so that a thin film appears on the surface of the aluminum profile. Lastly is sealing.

In short, anodic oxidation can effectively improve the physical and chemical properties of aluminum profiles, thereby greatly extending the service life of such products. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise that has been producing and processing various types of aluminum profiles for many years. We expect consumers to obtain satisfactory service here.

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