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What is Conductive oxidation?

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I dare not bet that there must be a lot of consumers who don't know much about aluminum processing. They don't know what conductive oxidation is. So, what is conductive oxidation, and what are its operating steps?

Here is the outline:

1. What is Conductive oxidation?

2. What are the advantages of conductive oxidation?

3. Why Conduct Conductive oxidation?

What is Conductive oxidation?

1. A pure chemical reaction. By immersing aluminum products in a specific chemical solution, the two are chemically reacted to improve the performance of aluminum products. The soaked aluminum products have strong electrical conductivity, so they can better meet the needs of consumers in various industrial industries.

2. It can improve the electrical conductivity of aluminum products. Although aluminum products are original metal, their electrical conductivity is not strong. In many processing scenarios, only aluminum profiles with strong electrical conductivity can adapt to specific working environments. Therefore, experienced consumers will choose this processing method to improve the conductivity of aluminum products.

What are the advantages of conductive oxidation?

1. Time-consuming. Unlike anodizing, the oxidation method mentioned in this article does not require long soaking and energization treatment. It only takes more than ten seconds, an experienced processor can easily complete the processing of this type of oxidation process.

2. Improve corrosion resistance. An oxide film with a thickness of fewer than 0.15 microns will appear on the surface of the processed aluminum profile. This can improve the anti-pollution and corrosion resistance of aluminum products to a certain extent.

3. Experienced in operation. As a kind of processing technology, this kind of oxidation method must have a certain historical life. Therefore, most experienced aluminum product processors in the market can perfectly master the oxidation method of such aluminum profiles. Consumers can get good processing results by screening reliable processors.

Why Conduct Conductive oxidation?

1. Improve the consumer experience. The user experience is a more personal thing. However, those products with a good processing effect and strong electrical conductivity of aluminum products have a higher probability of allowing consumers to obtain a satisfactory experience.

2. Optimize the performance of aluminum products. The processed aluminum profile has a stronger anti-friction ability, anti-corrosion ability, and anti-pollution ability. Therefore, if consumers want to improve the overall performance of such products, the best way is to further process aluminum profiles.

3. meet actual needs. In industrial automation, aerospace, medical and other fields, sometimes consumers need aluminum profiles with certain electrical conductivity. At this time, this oxidation method can well meet the needs of consumers. In addition, consumers can also start from their own needs, and find the appropriate processing method by consulting the opinions of professionals such as customer service.

In short, consumers need to perform oxidation processing on aluminum profiles, which can better enhance the overall performance of aluminum profiles. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a well-known processor with many years of experience in aluminum products processing. We provide consumers with excellent processing services with years of experience, integrity, and a reliable brand image guarantee.

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