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Why do you need anodic oxidation?

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Consumers who have experience in custom processing aluminum products will not be unfamiliar with anodic oxidation. This kind of processing technology has become one of the processing methods for aluminum products that a large number of consumers will choose. So, why do consumers want anodic oxidation?

Here is the outline:

1. Why Anodic oxidation?

2. How to do anodic oxidation?

3. What are the advantages of anodic oxidation?

Why Anodic oxidation?

1. Show the wisdom of consumers. Only those consumers who have a long-term vision and are full of life wisdom can pay attention to the deep processing of aluminum profiles. Aluminum products that have undergone oxidation processing not only have better anti-corrosion, anti-friction, and other characteristics but also have a longer service life.

2. Get better aesthetic results. After oxidation processing, a tight aluminum oxide film will be formed on the surface of the aluminum profile, to better isolate the external impurities and protect the overall performance of the internal aluminum product.

3. Better meet the needs of consumers. The practice has proved that those consumers who choose oxidation processing when customizing aluminum products can get a better experience and aesthetic pleasure in actual use.

How to do anodic oxidation?

1. Surface pretreatment. The processing staff will finish the surface of the aluminum product by physical cleaning or chemical cleaning. This results in a clean mirror or matte finish on the surface of the aluminum profile. Therefore, it is more favorable for the next oxidation operation.

2. Anodic oxidation. This is a central step in this type of oxidative processing. Professional processing personnel forms an environment suitable for the oxidation of aluminum products through the control of environmental conditions. In this way, a porous aluminum oxide film with strong adsorption capacity will be formed on the surface of the aluminum profile. To further achieve the effect of protecting the aluminum profile. Consumers can also get a better user experience.

3. Seal the hole. This is also a very crucial step. The processing personnel can enhance the anti-pollution and anti-corrosion properties of the film by blocking the pores of the oxide film produced by the aluminum products. In addition, using the adsorption capacity of the oxide film, the operator can also make the aluminum profile show the appearance effect of different colors such as black and bronze.

What are the advantages of anodic oxidation?

1. Optimize the consumer experience. Whether consumers use aluminum profiles for medical, home, automation, or other industries. Oxidized aluminum products can bring consumers an extraordinary experience. Anytime, deep machining of custom-produced aluminum profiles is a wise decision.

2. Diverse fields of application. Whether consumers are for practical functions in the medical, aerospace, or automation industries, or specific needs for home improvement aesthetics, such alumina products can meet the needs of consumers.

In short, high-quality anodic oxidation can bring consumers an extraordinary experience and a longer service life. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise that has been producing and processing various types of aluminum profiles for many years. We are willing to repay the trust of consumers with better processing technology.

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