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Where can Hard Anodic Oxidation be used?

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To better meet the individual needs of consumers, consumers need to have an understanding of the objects and occasions for which various aluminum product processing techniques are applicable. So, where can Hard Anodic Oxidation be used?

Here is the outline:

1. Where can Hard Anodic Oxidation be used?

2. What are the steps of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

3. What is the role of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

Where can hard anode maintenance be used?

1. aerospace field. The aerospace field is often affected by the whole body. Therefore, it is very important to find aluminum products with strong overall performance and long service life. In addition, experienced consumers will cooperate with brand processors to improve the performance of aluminum products through the deep processing of aluminum products.

2. defense industry. The safety of people and property in the industry cannot be ignored. By finding professionals in different fields for consultation, consumers can not only obtain the desired customized shape of aluminum profiles but also find reliable aluminum product processors. The hard-anodized aluminum profiles have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

What are the steps of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

1. Clean the surface of aluminum products. The core of this type of processing technology is the redox reaction of aluminum products. Therefore, reasonable cleaning of aluminum products to expose the surface of aluminum profiles is very necessary. In addition to the common physical methods such as washing or scrubbing by professional processors, some processors also use some chemical methods for cleaning.

2. An oxidation step is performed. Different from ordinary anodizing, this process will make the surface profile of aluminum products a thicker oxide film. In this way, the overall performance of aluminum products can be greatly improved.

3. Seal it. The morphology of the oxide film produced in the previous step is loose and porous, and its protective ability is not very strong. Therefore, the operator will seal the oxide film surface by dipping insulation or paraffin.

What is the role of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

1. Improve consumer experience. All consumers of consumers are for consumers to get a good experience. Therefore, this kind of processing technology that can intuitively improve the overall performance of aluminum products should be welcomed by many consumers.

2. Extend product life. In aerospace, medical and other fields, it may be difficult for consumers to frequently replace aluminum profiles due to external conditions. This requires consumers to carry out reasonable deep processing when purchasing aluminum profiles.

3. Improve the performance of aluminum products. Through this type of surface treatment process, a thick oxide film is formed. Moreover, due to the loose pores in the oxide film, it can be used to adsorb various lubricants, thereby increasing the friction-reducing ability.

In short, Hard Anodic Oxidation is a very common one in the processing of aluminum products. Consumers can customize processing services according to their own needs. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese company with many years of experience in the aluminum products processing, we look forward to the praise from consumers.

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