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How to do Hard Anodic Oxidation?

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For ordinary consumers, knowing some knowledge of aluminum product processing is only beneficial and not harmful. So, how do hard anodized aluminum products?

Here is the outline:

1. What is the role of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

2. How to do Hard Anodic Oxidation?

3. What is Hard Anodic Oxidation suitable for?

What is the role of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

1. Improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum products. In an outdoor environment, some chemical elements may react with aluminum, thereby impairing the basic properties of aluminum products. At this time, deep oxidation processing for aluminum products can make an oxide film appear on the surface of aluminum profiles. Thereby greatly improving the corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles.

2. Increase wear resistance. The wear and tear of aluminum products are inevitable in daily life and the field of work. To improve the wear resistance of such aluminum products, the most labor-saving and effective way is to create a hard-anodized protective layer for the aluminum profile.

3. Improve insulation. In the fields of industrial automation and aerospace, improving the insulating ability of aluminum products can allow products to be used in a wider range. Moreover, the service life of such aluminum products will be greatly improved.

How to do Hard Anodic Oxidation?

1. Surface treatment. To make the subsequent oxidation operation better, experienced processors will surface treatment of aluminum profiles in advance. The core requirement of this type of surface treatment is to do a good job of cleaning, exposing the smooth substrate of the aluminum profile.

2. Oxidation treatment is carried out. Through a special surface treatment process, an aluminum oxide film with a maximum thickness of 250 microns can be formed on the surface of aluminum products. At this time, the membrane has a certain protective ability, but because the surface of the membrane is loose and porous, its protective ability is not very strong.

3. Seal the hole. Only by sealing the pores on the surface of the aluminum oxide film, can the aluminum profile obtain a complete and effective performance improvement. In this way, the aluminum profile not only has good wear resistance but also has good insulation.

What is Hard Anodic Oxidation suitable for?

1. defense industry. The quality of national defense and military supplies is directly related to the operator's personal and property safety. Therefore, most of the aluminum profiles in the defense industry are further processed based on customizing specific shapes. In this way, the aluminum profile can better play its function in the field of national defense.

2. Machinery parts manufacturing industry. In the field of the automation industry, aluminum products of various shapes are mostly obtained by customizing. In addition, anodizing, electroplating, and baking paint are also common processing steps for aluminum products.

In short, Hard Anodic Oxidation can greatly improve the overall performance of aluminum products. To obtain a better use effect, consumers can consider such processing. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a processor with many years of experience in processing aluminum products. We look forward to reaching good cooperation with consumers.

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