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What is the use of electrolytic oxidation?

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Various oxidation processing steps are very common in the aluminum product processing industry. There are more and more consumers who choose electrolytic oxidation in the market. So, what is the use of electrolytic oxidation?

Here is the outline:

1. What are the characteristics of electrolytic oxidation?

2. What is the use of electrolytic oxidation?

3. How to choose an electrolytic oxidation processor?

What are the characteristics of electrolytic oxidation?

1. Normal-pressure operation. This type of oxidation reaction does not require the processor to set up unique processing steps for it. The entire electrochemical oxidation process not only consumes less electricity but also can meet the needs of different consumers.

2. The product is of high purity. The products produced by this type of oxidation process are of high purity. Moreover, its yield is also high. For consumers who have a large number of aluminum product processing needs, this oxidation processing method is undoubtedly an efficient and applicable choice.

3. Conditions are sufficient. Now in the processing market, a variety of novel electrode materials and separator materials have appeared. This provides great convenience for the industrialization of organic electro-oxidation. Consumers and consumers with advanced processing technology can get good processing results.

What is the use of electrolytic oxidation?

1. Improve the overall performance of aluminum products. After oxidation treatment, a film will appear on the surface of aluminum products. This will greatly help the corrosion resistance and anti-pollution ability of aluminum profiles. Moreover, consumers can also find ways that are more suitable for processing specific aluminum products.

2. Improve consumer experience. No matter what the individual characteristics of consumers are, only those aluminum profiles with a good processing effect will give consumers a good experience. Moreover, the effects of different types of oxidation processing methods on aluminum profiles are not the same. Hard anodizing will produce a thick film on the surface of aluminum products, which has good friction resistance.

3. Meet the needs of consumers. Different oxidation processing methods have different applicable conditions. Consumers can find a satisfactory oxidation process by consulting customer service. This allows consumers to obtain great practical satisfaction and aesthetic satisfaction.

How to choose an electrolytic oxidation processor?

1. Find manufacturers with high market turnover. A consumer may make the wrong consumer decision, but the oxidized processor recognized by many consumers has its merits. Therefore, if it is difficult for consumers to make consumption decisions, it is also a good choice to follow the decisions of other consumer groups.

2. Find a business with high processing skills. The processing technology of the processor affects the quality of the finished aluminum products. Consumers can find the most satisfying merchant by comparing the finished products of different processors.

In short, electrolytic oxidation has become a very common processing technology in the aluminum product processing market. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese company with many years of experience in the production of aluminum products, we look forward to providing you with unforgettable quality services.

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