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What are the advantages of electrolytic oxidation?

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Consumers who are familiar with the processing technology of aluminum products will not be unfamiliar with various types of oxidation processing. So, what are the advantages of electrolytic oxidation?

1. Here is the outline:

2. What are the advantages of electrolytic oxidation?

3. How to choose an electrolytic oxidation processor?

4. What is the applicable object of electrolytic oxidation?

What are the advantages of electrolytic oxidation?

1. The processing technology is mature. Few consumers are willing to experiment with an immature process by betting on a product that needs to be put into actual production. For consumers with bulk processing needs, there is nothing more worry-free than choosing a processing technology that already has extensive experience.

2. Fair price. Smart consumers do a good job of a price umbrella before choosing a processor and process. A reasonable price budget should be based on the actual use demand of consumers and the average processing level in the market. The practice has proved that this electrolytic oxidation processing technology is moderate in price and can greatly improve the overall performance of aluminum products.

How to choose an electrolytic oxidation processor?

1. Choose by brand. Many consumers are not docile. When we choose a processor, we are not only choosing a business with excellent processing technology, but also a business with consistent corporate values. After all, consumers buy aluminum products processing technology to better show consumers value.

2. Choose according to the evaluation of consumer groups. This type of oxidation process has gone through a long period of market development. Therefore, consumers can find the most value-for-money processors in the market based on the evaluations of other consumer groups. This allows consumers to avoid many decision mistakes.

3. Select processors that respect consumer feedback. Meeting consumer needs should be a top priority for a quality processor. Therefore, processors who respond to consumer reviews promptly and make corrections based on consumer feedback can be trusted.

4. Select based on the historical performance of the processor. The integrity of the processor and market sales are very intuitive judgment factors.

What is the applicable object of electrolytic oxidation?

1. Processing of aluminum products. This is the most common processing range for this type of oxidation process. The properties of aluminum products are relatively active, and after oxidation treatment, they can have stronger anti-pollution and anti-corrosion properties. Moreover, this type of electrochemical oxidation also has the characteristics of good selectivity, high product purity, and few by-products.

2. Processing of copper, zinc, and other products. In addition to processing aluminum profiles, metals such as copper and zinc can also be processed by this oxidation method. Therefore, consumers should not have doubts about this oxidation process.

In short, the excellent electrolytic oxidation processing technology is not only suitable for a variety of objects but also can better meet the needs of consumers. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese company with many years of experience in processing aluminum products, and we look forward to positive feedback from consumers.

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