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What is electrolytic oxidation?

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It is difficult for consumers without professional chemical knowledge to understand such professional processing terminology. Consumers only need to understand the basic situation of this kind of processing technology to meet their needs of consumers. So, what is electrolytic oxidation?

Here is the outline:

1. What is electrolytic oxidation?

2. Why choose electrolytic oxidation?

3. What are the advantages of electrolytic oxidation?

What is electrolytic oxidation?

1. electrochemical reaction. In addition to relying on chemical reactions between various metals, this type of oxidation reaction is also one of its very unique characteristics when it is electrified during the reaction. In addition, this type of electrochemical oxidation has low power consumption and high yield.

2. Oxidants are generated using variable valence metals. The aluminum product processor will prepare the saltwater solution of the variable valence metal in advance. By immersing aluminum profiles in such solutions, oxidation of organic reactants occurs. Then, the used aqueous salt solution is loosened into the electrolytic cell. In this way, the oxidized product required by the processor is transformed.

Why choose electrolytic oxidation?

1. Improve the utilization rate of aluminum profiles. Aluminum products that have undergone oxidation processing can better meet the specific needs of consumers in actual use. Moreover, oxidation processing can also significantly improve the friction resistance and anti-pollution ability of aluminum profiles.

2. Show the wisdom of consumers. Only those consumers with rich working experience and foresight can make the correct decision for further oxidation processing of aluminum products. In long-term use, aluminum products that have undergone oxidation processing not only have better performance but also can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents such as breakage.

3. meet the needs of consumers. The core function of various well-known aluminum profile processors is to provide consumers with aluminum profiles that can more accurately meet their needs of consumers. Taking advantage of these characteristics, consumers can also find the most suitable processing method for aluminum products by consulting customer service or watching other consumer evaluations.

What are the advantages of electrolytic oxidation?

1. Applicable objects are broad. This type of oxidation is not only used by aluminum manufacturers. Many metals such as copper and zinc can use this type of oxidation to achieve better results. Consumers can choose this type of oxidation processing method with confidence, which has undergone numerous practical investigations.

2. fair price. The price of processing aluminum products has always been an important factor limiting a variety of consumers. The price of this type of oxidation processing technology is not particularly expensive, and consumers can make reasonable arrangements according to their budgets.

3. The processing technology is perfect. Those processing technologies that have just entered the processing market are prone to hide unpredictable side effects due to the lack of practical research. However, many processors in the market already have extensive experience in oxidative processing, which can eliminate consumers' concerns.

In short, electrolytic oxidation can allow consumers to obtain better aluminum profile effects. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise with many years of experience in processing aluminum products, and many consumers from all over the world appreciate our processing technology.

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