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What is the difference between conductive oxidation and anodization?

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Understanding different oxidation processes for processing needs for aluminum products will help consumers obtain more satisfactory industrial products. So, what is the difference between conductive oxidation and anodization?

Here is the outline:

1. What are the advantages of conductive oxidation?

2. Why choose conductive oxidation?

3. What is the difference between conductive oxidation and anodization?

What are the advantages of conductive oxidation?

1. Technology is mature. This oxidation method has been widely used in many materials such as zinc, aluminum, and glass. Using this type of technology, consumers can obtain aluminum products processing results beyond their imagination. Moreover, because the processing technology is mature, there is no need for consumers to worry too much about the safety of the processing technology.

2. Can improve the performance of aluminum products. This type of processing involves placing the aluminum profile in a chemical solution. This electrochemical reaction behavior allows aluminum products to have greater conductivity. This can better meet the needs of aerospace, industrial automation, and other industries.

3. High processing efficiency. For experienced processors, this processing step of aluminum products can be completed within minutes. Therefore, it is in line with the high-efficiency development requirements of modern society.

Why choose conductive oxidation?

1. Better meet the needs of consumers. For consumers who require a certain degree of electrical conductivity in aluminum products, nothing can meet their needs of consumers better than this type of processing. Moreover, this oxidation processing technology is quirelativelyture, and consumers can also control processing risks by cooperating with processors with rich processing experience.

2. Improve user experience. After this kind of processing, the aluminum profile has better electrical conductivity. Therefore, in the field of industrial automation where conductive metals are required to cooperate, this type of aluminum profile can better exert its functions and characteristics.

What is the difference between conductive oxidation and anodization?

1. React differently. Anodizing is an electrochemical reaction process. Its core processing idea is to immerse the aluminum profile in a chemical solution and electrify it, to produce an aluminum oxide film to improve the pollution resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum products. However, conductive oxidation is a pure chemical reaction, which only requires the aluminum product to be soaked in a chemical solution.

2. Time-lapse is different. The whole process of anodizing takes tens of minutes, but conductive oxidation only takes tens of seconds. In addition, the thicknesses of the films produced by the two oxidation methods are also different. Because this direct immersion oxidation method intelligently generates a film with a thickness of fewer than 0.15 microns, the aluminum products have electrical conductivity.

In short, understanding the production process of conductive oxidation can give consumers a favorable position in the transaction, and tactful consumers will know how to accumulate market experience in a timely manner to cope with the changing market environment. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise that has been producing and processing various aluminum products for many years. The core needs of consumers are the direction of our efforts.

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