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What are the advantages of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

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In addition to the common anodizing, there is a Hard Anodic Oxidation method that some consumers are not familiar with. So, what are the advantages of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

Here is the outline:

1. Why Hard Anodize?

2. What are the advantages of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

3. How to do Hard Anodic Oxidation?

Why Hard Anodize?

1. Extend the life of aluminum products. The secret of durable aluminum products lies in the deep processing technology of aluminum products. After this processing operation, the corrosion resistance and friction resistance of aluminum products will be significantly improved.

2. Stronger insulation capacity. After such processing steps, a layer of aluminum oxide film will appear on the surface of aluminum products. The oxide film will improve the processing ability of aluminum products to a certain extent. Moreover, after the subsequent sealing step, the aluminum product will have stronger corrosion resistance, weather resistance and adsorption.

3. Demonstrate consumer foresight. Only consumers with a long-term vision and a taste for life can understand the well-intentioned deep processing of aluminum products. It can be said that in the long run, consumers will definitely appreciate the consumption decisions made today.

What are the advantages of Hard Anodic Oxidation?

1. There are many fields of application. This kind of processing technology is of great help to the overall performance improvement of aluminum products. Therefore, this type of processing is very popular in the defense industry and in the manufacture of mechanical parts. Consumers can also find a more suitable processing method for aluminum products according to their actual processing needs. Many high-quality processors provide customized processing services.

2. Powerful. The breakdown voltage of the treated aluminum products can reach 2000V, that is to say, the aluminum products have good insulating ability. Moreover, this kind of oxide film also has good corrosion resistance and good wear resistance in the atmosphere. It acts as an ideal thermal barrier film, maximizing the benefits of metal properties.

How to do Hard Anodic Oxidation?

1. Find the right processor. The importance of processors is definitely stronger than you might think. A wise consumer can find another satisfactory product from the merchant rankings on various trading platforms. Moreover, consumers can also find processors that match their values according to their actual needs, which allows consumers to have a more relaxed cooperation experience.

2. Make a reasonable price budget. In fact, the professional oxidation process consumers only need to rest assured to hand over to professional processors. Consumers only need to formulate a reasonable price budget according to market conditions and their actual needs, which can reduce many decision-making mistakes for consumers. In addition, referring to the opinions of other consumer groups can also make consumers take a lot less detours.

In short, Hard Anodic Oxidation will form a thick oxide film on the surface of aluminum profiles, which greatly improves the overall performance of aluminum products. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise that has been processing and producing various aluminum products for many years. We are confident to provide consumers with commendable services.

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