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What is the use of sandblasting?

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The treatment of aluminum profiles by high-speed sand flow impact is very effective. Only when consumers understand the processing characteristics of such products can they make more reasonable choices. So, what's the use of sandblasting?

Here is the outline:

1. What is the use of sandblasting?

2. What are the advantages of sandblasting?

3. How to choose a sandblasting processor?

What is the use of sandblasting?

1. Clean aluminum profiles. By spraying sand at high speed to the surface of the aluminum profile to be treated, under the power of compressed air, the abrasive can impact and cut the surface of the aluminum product. In this way, the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface can be improved. Twenty-seven, this treatment method can remove all dirt such as rust on the surface of the aluminum profile.

2. Improve the durability of the coating film. Using this type of processing technology, the processor can easily let the paint flow and decorate. Moreover, this machining process increases the adhesion between the aluminum profile and the coating. In this way, processors can produce better processing results for aluminum profiles.

3. Roughening of aluminum profiles. By changing the sand with different particle sizes as the final step, the surface of the aluminum profile can achieve different roughness. Thereby, the bonding force between the aluminum profile and the coating and plating material is greatly improved.

What are the advantages of sandblasting?

1. Production experience. For consumers who have a large demand for processing aluminum profiles, it is unwise to choose a processing method that has not been tested by the processing market. Therefore, to better meet the processing needs of consumers, sensible consumers will give priority to choosing this type of processing technology with a rich production experience.

2. Powerful. Using this kind of processing method, the aluminum profile can greatly improve the finish of the workpiece. In addition, it can expose the workpiece to a uniform metal texture, which makes the entire aluminum part more beautiful.

3. Improve the mechanical capability of the part. After this processing operation, the surface of the aluminum profile will form a uniform and fine uneven surface. In this way, the workpiece can be made more beautiful and refined.

How to choose a sandblasting processor?

1. Choose according to market evaluation. The market evaluation of consumer groups can explain many problems. Those processors who have received good reviews from many consumers must be outstanding in terms of processing technology and service level. In addition, consumers can also find a more suitable aluminum profile processing mode according to their actual use sites and use needs.

2. Choose according to consumer preferences. Wise consumption decisions do not need to erase the emotions of consumers. A processor brand that can resonate with consumers' values must be a high-quality brand.

In short, sandblasting has various conditions of use, and can provide consumers with many different functions and services. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise with many years of experience in aluminum profile processing. We have the world's leading aluminum product processing technology.

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