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What are the advantages of sandblasting?

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It is impossible for consumers who have an understanding of aluminum profile processing to not know the sandblasting process. This processing method is playing its role in aluminum profile processing manufacturers all over the world. So, what are the advantages of sandblasting?

Here is the outline:

1. What are the advantages of sandblasting?

2. Why choose to sandblast?

3. What are the applicable occasions for sandblasting?

What are the advantages of sandblasting?

1. Technology is mature. Many aluminum profile processors in the market can master this type of processing. This means that consumers can choose between numerous processors in the market. Consumers can find the processors they are satisfied with through the excellent processing technology, corporate values , and many other factors.

2. It is convenient for subsequent processing of aluminum profiles. If the aluminum profile is to be subjected to subsequent processing of electroplating and various coatings, the surface of the aluminum profile needs to be cleaned and polished in advance. Sandblasting is a very common treatment method. The aluminum profile processed in this way can not only remove all the dirt on the surface but also make the surface of the aluminum profile achieve a suitable roughness.

Why choose to sandblast?

1. Efficient cleaning method. Through the high-speed spraying of emery, iron sand, and other sands, aluminum products can be cleaned at high speed in a relatively short period. The cleaned aluminum profile will not only have no debris such as rust on the surface but also will not have any dirt staying.

2. Efficient grinding method. In the deep processing of many aluminum profiles, it is very important to polish the surface of the product. Therefore, consumers can choose from many basic processing methods to polish the surface of aluminum profiles.

3. Make aluminum profiles more beautiful. This processing method can also grind a small rounded corner at the surface junction of the aluminum profile. In this way, the workpiece looks more beautiful and precise from the outside. Moreover, this grinding can also provide more storage space for lubricating oil, thereby improving the lubricating conditions of aluminum profiles when they are in use.

What are the applicable occasions for sandblasting?

1. Grinding stainless steel workpieces. Many metalworking products on the market can use this method to remove stains on the surface and sand to the appropriate surface roughness. Thereby, the subsequent processing of the metal is better facilitated.

2. Woodwork sanding. Most of the wood products with a matt high-quality effect on the surface have been polished in this way. Moreover, this kind of grinding can also help consumers to remove wood thorns on the wood, to better ensure the safety of consumers.

Textured fabric surface. This type of processing can also help consumers if they need a unique textured effect on the fabric.

In short, sandblasting is versatile and powerful. If consumers have the demand for deep processing of aluminum products, this processing method is very necessary. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese company with many years of experience in processing aluminum products. Many consumers around the world have affirmed our processing technology.

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