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What is the role of sandblasting?

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In the processing of aluminum products, sandblasting is one of the most common processing methods. The use of this kind of processing method is far more than that. So, what is the role of sandblasting?

Here is the outline:

1. What is the role of sandblasting?

2. Why sandblasting?

3. How to choose a sandblasting processor?

What is the role of sandblasting?

1. Clean. Using the impact of high-speed sand flow, the surface of the item can be cleaned well. This cleaning method is not only efficient but also very thorough. When surface treatment of aluminum profiles is required, some consumers will prefer this processing method.

2. Roughened aluminum profile surface. For aluminum profiles that require subsequent processing, the pretreatment process requires cleaning and roughening of the surface of the aluminum profiles. This processing method is one of the most superior surface roughening methods. Using compressed air power to spray various types of sand onto the surface of the product at high speed, the surface of the workpiece can be obtained with appropriate roughness.

3. Improve adhesion. Through this type of processing, the adhesion between it and the coating and the durability of the coating film can be increased. In this way, the bonding force between the workpiece and the paint is greatly improved, which can make the bonding parts more firmly bonded.

Why sandblasting?

1. Improve consumer experience. Excellent aluminum profile processing technology can help consumers better play the function of aluminum profiles. Moreover, consumers can also start from their specific needs and find a processing technology that can better meet their needs.

2. It is convenient for subsequent deep processing operations. If consumers also intend to carry out more delicate and deep processing of aluminum profiles, sandblasting can be used as a kind of pretreatment processing. Consumers can also find the applicable occasions for various processing techniques by consulting customer service.

3. Extend the service life of aluminum profiles. Those aluminum profiles that can be used for a long time are mostly deeply machined. Therefore, consumers can find more desired processing technology.

How to choose a sandblasting processor?

1. Select well-known processors. The processor's brand can serve as a very intuitive reference. Also, those processors with higher brand awareness can provide consumers with a better after-sale experience.

2. Consider the word of mouth of the processor. The unanimous evaluation of market consumers is very important. The practice has proved that processors with a good brand reputation in the market not only have exquisite processing skills but also can provide consumers with considerate and reliable services.

3. Create a price budget. Some consumers are always distressed by overspending. The way to solve overspending is very simple, just need to formulate a suitable price budget in advance. Even, by checking the price factor, consumers can make consumption decisions more quickly.

In conclusion, a quality processor can provide consumers with good blasting results. YURUN Aluminum Co., LTD is a Chinese enterprise with many years of experience in processing aluminum products, we hope consumers can get satisfactory service more than anyone.

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